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How Does NoiseNet Work?

Remotely Install Wherever the Noise Is

Each NoiseNet device is easily installable in any conditions where it can be connected to power and will begin gathering 24/7 noise data immediately without anyone needing to be on site.

The robust and weatherproof NoiseNet devices feature customisable options, such as NATA-certified microphones for more accurate decibel readings, or microphone arrays for better locational data.

Let NoiseNet's AI Pinpoint the Noise

NoiseNet has developed a bespoke machine learning algorithm capable of reliably identifying where a noise is coming from, how loud it is, and what exactly is making it. No matter if it's a barking dog or industrial machinery, our analytics will help you identify the problem swiftly and accurately.

Take Action With Quality Data

All data collected by NoiseNet is automatically analysed based on your requirements and results. That data is then presented through a range of options, including dashboards, reports, or even live alerts. NoiseNet can also deliver legal quality reporting that's usable as evidence in enforcement cases when needed.

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